Kim Nucum is a Filipina graphic designer based in Seattle, WA.


burnout is a futuristic health and wellness supplement line, made to kind of poke some humor towards the COVID-19 pandemic. The products line includes Creativity Juice, Self-Love Tea, and Productivity Pills. I was inspired to make these products because I’ve been focusing a lot on self-help and wellness being at home all the time and kind of wishing there was just one “get better” pill.
Luna Leaf
Luna Leaf is a branding project focused on holistic health, coffee, and well-being. Luna Leaf is your neighborhood coffee shop around the corner, made to be approachable for anyone needing a quick bite, study session, or catching up with a long-time friend.
Happy Waffle
Happy Waffle is a fun and playful brand identity and packaging project, made to make eating more accessible and convenient. I created a packaging concept that allowed customers to peacefully eat bubble waffle without the worry of it toppling over or spilling everywhere, while still being cute and functional.
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